Snow Monkey Photo Tours With Mark Hemmings

Are you in Japan February 2nd, 2017? Mark Hemmings leads a one day intensive photography workshops and tour to visit the famous Japanese Snow Monkeys. There will be plenty of theoretical and practical photography instruction, as well as a great adventure into the mountains of Japan.

The American Broadcaster CBS News has a weekend program called “Sunday Morning” that featured Mark and his Japanese Snow Monkeys Photography Tour:


“Snow Monkeys” (CBS Sunday Morning, Feb 2016) from Randy Schmidt on Vimeo.



Thursday February 2: Please meet Mark and the rest of the workshop group at Tokyo Station at 6:45am. We will be on the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line which will take us to Nagano City. The exact meeting location within Tokyo Station be determined at a later date, as it will be dependent on how many participants already have a JR Japan Rail Pass.
7:20am: We will board the Kagayaki 503 bullet train, on the Hokuriku Line bound for Nagano City. Arrival in Nagano at 8:45am.
9:04am: Upon arriving in Nagano City we will then board a local train that will take us into the Shiga Highland region. The train trip takes about 50 minutes.
10am: Departure from local train. For those who want a pack lunch or snacks we will have a quick visit to the 7-Eleven near the train station.
10:20am: Taxis to the base of the mountain.
10:30am: Start mountain hike – 25 minutes.
11am: Arrive at the location where the snow monkeys are concentrated.
11am to 3:30pm: Mark will help each participant with photographing the snow monkeys in the best manner possible, regardless of your camera. There is a warming hut in the mountains where each person can take a break, and eat their pack lunch.
3:30pm: We will descend the mountain at this time.
4pm: We will stop at a local cafe/restaurant for hot drinks and any food that you may want to order.
5pm: Taxi ride back down to the train station.
5:50pm: Board the local train bound for Nagano City.
7pm: Arrive at Nagano City train station.
7pm to 8pm: Dinner at a Nagano Station restaurant. .
8pm: Board the Tokyo Station bound Kagayaki 514 bullet train on the Hokuriku line. Arrive back at Tokyo Station at 9:20pm